General Enterprise/ Organization FAQ:

Q01: Which organization is doing the nucleic acid test?2022-01-27T10:30:59+08:00

GOLAB uses services from The Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) accredited laboratories and testing equipment, together with a professional medical team and experienced laboratory team, to provide reliable analysis and suggestions for consumers.


Q02: Why should I choose GOLAB PCR Test?2022-01-27T10:31:43+08:00

I. Accurate
The RT-PCR technology for COVID-19 test selected by GOLAB is recommended by the World Health Organization and approved by the Center for Health Protection.

II. Safe
GOLAB’s services facilitate your own sampling at home, as sample will be collected door-to-door by our professional team.
This greatly reduces the possibility of infection compared to undergoing COVID-19 tests at hospitals, clinics or community testing centres.

III. Convenient
GOLAB provides a one-stop service. Consumers will only need to place and pay the order online.  Result will be received within 24 hours after collecting the sample according to the instructions.

Q03: What are your criteria for setting the price for enterprise-specific testing solutions?2022-01-27T10:26:46+08:00

GOLAB’s professional team will set the fee according to different circumstances applicable to your company. Common factors include the number of people to be tested, the required scope of the test, preparatory work and logistics, etc. Feel free to contact us for further quotations.

Q04: If I am the person in charge of a medical institution/entrepreneur, how should I purchase the nucleic acid testing?2022-01-27T10:32:13+08:00

After inquiring online, we will provide a tailored testing solution for your institute/enterprise.  We can arrange trained medical professional to collect samples according to the instructions.  The test report will be issued within 24 hours after our laboratory receives the samples.

Q05: Can I purchase the test for any employee and/or customer?2022-01-27T10:32:39+08:00

Anyone, voluntary participation to and insofar as they follow the instructions let trained medical professional collect combined nasal and throat swabs, can take the test.  This is especially applicable to enterprises or employees’ residence where suspected/ high-risk cases are found, or if your employee/ customer has direct/ indirect contact with patients tested positive for COVID-19, those who have fever or respiratory symptoms.  Children under 18 years-old will have to take the test under their parents or guardian’s authorisation.

If your employee or customer exhibit the following serious symptoms: persistent chest pain, chest distress, cough, shortness of breath, difficult breathing, persistent dizziness, or high fever, etc., please seek professional medical assistance promptly.

Q06: Are the services and test kits accredited by any international or government standards?2022-01-27T10:33:10+08:00

Our laboratory has attained The Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) accreditation, showing that its management system and level are on par with that for US clinical laboratories. The testing reagents we use are also certified by the European Union’s CE standards.

Q07: How long will it take to get the results?2022-01-27T10:33:35+08:00

We will issue the test results within 24 hours after receiving the sample at our laboratory, so as to look for the infected in the shortest time, lowering the risks of further infections.

Q08: If the result is negative/ positive, what is the arrangement and what is included in the test result?2022-01-27T10:35:40+08:00

The test will tell you if you are positive or negative for the COVID-19.

Positive Results:
GOLAB will perform an extra test for any suspected positive tests, so as to ensure that it is truly a positive result. If the result shows positive, it means that you have a high possibility of being infected with COVID-19 and are potentially contagious. If your test result is found to meet the reporting criteria issued by the Centre for Health Protection of the department of Health for “Severe Respiratory Disease associated with a Novel Infectious Agent”, GOLAB will need to notify the Centre for Health Protection and follow designated procedures. For the well being of the patient, he or she should receive hospital treatment at first place so as to get recovery as soon as possible.

Negative Results:
GOLAB cannot find a genomic footprint related to COVID-19 in the sample at the time of the laboratory test. Please be aware that a negative result ensures you of 100% COVID-19 free. Sample not being collected properly or you are being infected during testing could also lead to the differences between the tested result and the actual condition. If it is still too early in the infection stage, genomic footprint related to COVID-19 may not be detected due to low viral load.

If you have been tested negative but are having a fever, cough or any illness, or had close contact with an infected individual of COVID-19, please contact us to retest.

Q09: How does this test compare to the COVID-19 tests available at other organizations? Public Hospitals are offering free COVID-19 testing. Why should I get tested with GOLAB?2022-01-27T10:36:25+08:00

RT-PCR test is the global golden standard, and while our service is the same test based on the same methodology as private medical institutions do, we aim to provide a safer and more convenient one-stop screening service for travelers and other healthy individuals. If you have severe symptoms, please seek assistance from medical institutions.

Q10: Do I need to get tested if I show no symptoms?2022-01-26T16:01:26+08:00

Some individuals infected are asymptomatic.  Testing for COVID-19 not only can distinguish whether you are COVID-19 free, but also reduce the possibility of passing it on to people nearby.

Q11: How often should I get tested?2022-01-26T16:03:40+08:00

Testing results are only applicable to reflect your situation at the point of testing.  You may choose to test more frequently if you consider yourself as high-risk.

Q12: Will my insurance policy be affected?2022-01-26T16:08:15+08:00

No.  GOLAB will not share data with any third party without authorization, including insurance companies.  Consumers do not need to worry about their insurance policy being affected by the testing service.

Q13: Will you provide overseas services?2022-01-26T16:10:17+08:00

Unfortunately, we do not have overseas services at the moment.  GOLAB promises to strive for excellence in our products and services, and provide high-quality services to companies in Hong Kong.

Q14: Will my testing data be kept securely?2022-01-26T16:18:26+08:00

GOLAB strictly adheres Information Security Standards, protecting the privacy and rights of consumers.

In case of negative results:

Your data will not be shared with any third parties without authorization. Only you (the one who tested) and GOLAB (the testing provider) will have access to your test results.

In case of positive results:

If your test result is found to meet the reporting criteria issued by the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health for “Severe Respiratory Disease associated with a Novel Infectious Agent”, GOLAB will need to notify the Centre for Health Protection and follow designated procedures by law.

Q15: How will you protect my privacy and store my data?2022-01-26T16:19:18+08:00

All connections to and from our website are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, protecting the data privacy and right of the consumers.  GOLAB will not share your data to any third party medical institution and disclose your personal information.

Q16: What does the test cover?2022-01-27T10:18:47+08:00

The test will determine whether the sample contains the RNA of Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, which leads to the COVID-19 disease.

Q17: What is the testing method?2022-01-27T10:43:56+08:00

GoLab’s laboratories will conduct a Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test to measure whether a sample contains the unique RNA sequence of 2019-nCoV virus.

Q18: Is the test recognised?2022-01-27T10:43:56+08:00

Laboratories globally are using RT-PCR to test for 2019-nCoV — it is a common and robust technology.  In Hong Kong, both public and private hospitals use RT-PCR to test for suspected patients, and that is because this method is accurate and sensitive to the coronavirus. It is described as the ‘golden standard’ for COVID-19 clinical diagnosis.

Q19: Is it reliable?2022-01-27T10:43:56+08:00

By laboratory testing standards, when a result is tested positive, the laboratory will conduct an additional test to confirm the positive result, and avoid ‘False Positive’ cases. The test is highly sensitive and accurate, and can detect whether you are currently infected.


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